Poornaprajna Institute of Management, Udupi

Programme Outcomes

Programme Outcomes

The institution offers only one program i.e. MBA. The MBA program offered is affiliated to Mangalore University. The program outcomes (PO) are broadly categorised as under:

  • PO1 – Make the students ‘corporate ready’ on completion of two years of MBA program
  • PO2 – Enhance the ability of the students in developing suitable business strategies in taking their organisation to new heights
  • PO3 – Preparing future entrepreneurs to initiate their own start-ups
  • PO4 – Developing leadership skill required not only for the corporate world, but also for the betterment of the society and the nation at large

The important program-specific outcomes (PSO) are:

  • PSO1 – Inculcating analytical skill, reasoning ability and logical analysis in handling specific business situations
  • PSO2 – Developing team spirit, effective communication and coordination skill
  • PSO3 – learning about healthy practices to make professional life stress-free and enjoyable; for e.g. Yoga practice

The important course outcomes (CO) are:

  • CO1 – Assists in understanding and familiarising established management concepts and strategies and enable the students in implementing them at corporate work place
  • CO2 – Upgrade corporate knowledge among students; also to improve their decision making ability
  • CO3 – To strengthen their knowledge in different functional areas of management to master the students in the area of their interest
  • CO4 – To update and familiarize the students with latest and emerging management concepts.
  • CO5 – Enabling students the use of technology, especially information technology, in handling everyday business challenges and managing the organisation better
  • CO6 – Helping students in understanding and implementing different quantitative tools at work place and taking better decisions using such quantitative tools
  • CO7 – Introducing techniques like a case study, group discussion, seminars, management competitions etc. to further enhance the knowledge of students in the area of business, corporate world and economy, at large
  • CO8 – Providing inputs about external environment of business, especially government policies and legislation affecting business or emergence of opportunities and threats in new/different areas and enhancing their ability to cash these opportunities and handling the threats more effectively
  • CO9 – integrating cross-cutting issues like Gender, Environment, Human Values and Professional Ethics besides other important values.