Poornaprajna Institute of Management, Udupi

Finance Forum

Finance Forum

Finance is the lifeblood of any organisation. It is an organic function of any business organisation.  Financial Management involves planning, organizing, directing and controlling the financial activities focusing mainly on the procurement and utilization of funds of the enterprise. It means applying general management principles to the financial resources of the enterprise. Efficient Financial Management is the prerequisite for the success of any for-profit or non-profit organisation.  Strategic Personal Financial Management is the sine qua non of a dignified living for any human being.  Finance forum of PIM is a career-focused student organisation with a primary objective of effectively supporting students pursuing careers in finance. 

Finance Forum of PIM has been established with the following objectives.

  1. To become a centre of learning in the field of finance that creates successful finance professionals.
  2. To create general awareness about the importance and techniques of efficient financial management for all the students
  3. To Promote finance related activities and careers throughout PIM. 


  • Arthaprajna: Arthaprajna is the weekly news bulletin published by the Finance forum of PIM to facilitate knowledge in the field of finance.  The soft copy of Arthaprajna consists of articles and news on various dimensions of financial management written and published by the finance specialization students of PIM.  The soft copy of Arthaprajna is regularly mailed to all the students including the alumni of the organisation and thereby acts as a connecting link between the alumni and PIM. 
  • Finspark: Finspark is an inter-class finance fest organised by the students of finance specialization for all other students of PIM.  This facilitates the development of the generation of ideas, organizing and executing excellence among the students. 
  • Organising finance quiz contest as a class activity
  • Conducting finance games regularly for the students pursuing finance
  • Industry/Sectoral Financial analysis
  • Discussions and presentations about the recent trends in the area of Finance
  • Organising discussions on annual Budget and its analysis
  • Organising corporate interaction programmes which involve discussions with successful entrepreneurs and executives in the area of finance
  • Facilitating internships for students pursuing financial Management under financial management specialists.
  • Organising field activities involving discussions with bank officials, insurance experts and other experts in the area of financial management
  • Conducting extension activities which involves educating the school children about the importance of savings and investment. 
  • Providing orientation to Finance/Business Jargons