Poornaprajna Institute of Management, Udupi

Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission


"To be a leading b-school in the region with a focus to transform the youth to modern managers and build ideal business practices among the student community to enable them to meet the ever changing business requirements."


  • Develop conceptual and practical business skills among the students to help them adapt to the dynamic business environment.
  • Build leadership acumen among the students by promoting lifelong and essential learning skills.
  • Provide an environment that enables innovation, creativity, research and out of the box thinking.
  • Encourage transformational learning resulting in building a strong personality to face corporate challenges.
  • Empower the students from diverse academic and socio-economic backgrounds by providing quality education and transforming them to become business leaders and professionals who are committed, dedicated and ethical.


Moral and Ethics – PIM is committed to develop moral and ethical values in the entire Institution. The entire education system lies on the strong foundation of morals and ethics which make every person in the Institute a worthy human being. Knowledge of the right & the wrong makes every individual a responsible citizen of the country.

Respect for the Individual – PIM is committed to respect the individual irrespective of his age, gender, caste and creed. This is inclusive of respect to the hierarchy which means that every individual is bound to respect his senior undoubtedly.

Selfless Service – PIM is committed to deliver altruistic service to the society by and large. This includes taking care of social wellbeing of the people in and around to make this place a better world.

Sharing & caring – PIM is committed to share and care for one another; be it within the institution or outside the institution. Within the Institution the faculty and mentors share their valuable experiences with the younger generation and take care of them. Outside the boundaries of the Institution the students carry out a number of activities which show their concern to the society and the nature.

Quality – PIM is committed to deliver quality in all the aspects of the education; be it in teaching or in the infrastructure. Quality is not compromised at any cost to deliver the best results in academics.

Discipline – PIM is committed to build discipline among the student community as well as in the Institution throughout. It helps the student to be focused, stay healthy and also avoid problems. As per the current life style and social trends, discipline techniques seem to be one of the essential life skills for any student.

Excellence – PIM is committed to develop and pursue higher standards in promoting continuous improvement and utilize systems that promote student and employee success. It encourages creativity, innovation, and risk-taking and also anticipates needs and responds accordingly.

Accountability – PIM is committed to take responsibility for personal and professional growth and development. It continuously evaluates and improves our systems and policies and also establishes and communicates clearly defined and articulated goals and objectives.