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Visit of MBA Students to Local Self Government- Manipur Gram Panchayat

Visit of MBA Students to Local Self Government- Manipur Gram Panchayat
Nov 17, 2018 Events 0 Comments

The Faculty Members and MBA students visited Manipur Gram Panchayat on 17/11/18. The visit was organised by the Poornaprajna Center for Research and Development (PIM). The objective of the visit was to understand and appreciate the functioning of a Local Self Government. Dr Krishna Kothai of PCRD welcomed the Staff members of the Gram Panchayat and briefed the students about the salient features of a gram panchayat- their formation and functioning. The Panchayat Development Officer (PDO), Sri Buda Poojary, Secretary Smt. Jyothi and the Staff member Sri Sachin gave various details about the Manipur Gram Panchayat. The total geographical area of the GP, number of villages, population, households, livelihoods, number of members in the GP etc. were briefed. Sri Sachin, spoke about the various activities of the GP, sources of income, various programmes of the GP, preparation of AAP etc. Dr Sureshramana Mayya, Dean, PIM, Shashank (Project Officer), PCRD and students of MBA, participated in the deliberations. Dr Bharathi Karanth, Associate Professor,PIM, proposed the vote of thanks. Students also visited two anganwadis in Manipur village.    
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