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A lecture on “Solid Liquid Resource Management” at Manipur Gram Panchayat

A lecture on “Solid Liquid Resource Management” at Manipur Gram Panchayat
Nov 17, 2018 Events 0 Comments

Vellore Model of Solid Liquid Resource Management

The Faculty Members and MBA students attended a lecture on “ Solid Liquid Resource Management” at Manipur Gram Panchayat on 17/11/2018. Mrs. Rehana, a trained volunteer in the concept of SLRM gave the expert lecture. She briefed the students about the problems that would be caused owing to lack of waste management in the villages. The health hazards which would be caused out of piling of waste was narrated by Mrs. Rehna. She gave the details of Vellore Model of “Solid Liquid Resource Management” and its benefits. She went ahead and explained the method of segregating bio-degradable and non-degradable waste material at the household level. The problems which are being faced by the gram panchayats in commissioning SLRM Units were discussed. The lecture was followed by interactions. Miss Jayalakshmi, MBA student gave details about having gobar gas units at the household level. Prof. Sureshramana Mayya, Dean, PIM, Dr Krishna Kothai (Co-Ordinator, PCRD), Shashank, Project Officer, PIM and others took part in the discussions. Dr Bharathi Karanth, Associate Professor, PIM, appreciating the valuable inputs given by Mrs. Rehna thanked her for her talk.  
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