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Celebration of 65th National Co-Operative Week at Shankarnarayana

Celebration of 65th National Co-Operative Week at Shankarnarayana
Nov 17, 2018 Events 0 Comments

The Faculty Members and  MBA students of Poornaprajna Institute of Management, Udupi celebrated the 65th National Co-Operative Week on 17-11-2018 At The Shankar Narayana Milk Producers Co-Operative Society, Shankarnarayana in  a unique way. The President, Chief Executive Officer, Directors, Women Members (SHG) of the Society apart from other staff participated in the celebration. Dr Krishna Kothai, Co-Ordinator, PCRD who had organized the programme, welcomed the representatives of the society and traced the path through which the Society has traversed in almost four decades. He noted the hard work the CEO, Mr Dayananda Rao and various other Presidents, Directors and Members have put in to take the Society from 8 litres milk collection per day to 2000 litres as on date. Prof. Sureshramana Mayya, Dean of PIM, appreciated the untiring efforts of the stakeholders to bring the Society what it is today. On the occasion of the 65th National Co-Operatives Week, he congratulated all those who have been responsible for building an exemplary Society, especially in a rural setup. Mr Dayananda Rao, the CEO of the Society, gave various details pertaining to dairy development in a village such as Shankarnarayana. He observed that through sheer hard work and co-operation of the rural communities, the place which was dry earlier could be converted as a surplus milk tract. He spoke about the crossbred animal production in the area and observed that people from other districts purchased crossbred cows from Shankarnarayana. He also gave the various technical and financial details pertaining to dairy farming. The MBA students discussed the various aspects of SHG formation and running of the same by the women members of the Society who have formed their own SHGs. Dr Bharathi Karanth, Associate Professor of PIM and Mr. Shashank , Project Officer, PIM, participated in the deliberations. Miss Mahima Deshpande, MBA student proposed a vote of thanks.  
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