Poornaprajna Institute of Management, Udupi

Student Project Guidelines

Student Project Guidelines

The M.B.A course of Mangalore University requires every student to prepare a dissertation on a live/latest business/management/organization problem/issue as partial fulfilment of the course. This dissertation is equivalent to 04 credits. Students are expected to carry out their work with commitment, quality and integrity. It carries a maximum of 100 marks.


The objectives of the Dissertation for MBA students are:

  1. To demonstrate the student’s knowledge of the literature relating to the problem of study.
  2. To reveal the student’s ability to collect, analyze, interpret and synthesize information/data.
  3. To present the results obtained, in a sequential and logical manner.
  4. To display the student’s ability to discuss coherently the meaning of the results.


Types of Dissertation: 

The dissertation may be based on either of the dual-specializations opted by the student. The dissertation may comprise of descriptive, analytical or exploratory methods. Case Studies, tactical problem solving and experimental methods may also be followed.


Commencement: The dissertation will commence immediately after the completion of the III Semester examinations and be submitted as per the Calendar of Events issued by Mangalore University from time to time. 

Synopsis: The submission of synopsis must be as per the time schedule and the prescribed format. 

Dissertation Work Diary: Students and the guide shall have regular interaction.The Dissertation Work Diary shall be maintained by the respective guides in order to enhance the quality of dissertation. The format for the Dissertation Work Diary is shown here.

 Duties of the Faculty guide:

  • The faculty guide shall monitor the progress of the students under their guidance from the selection of the topic to the submission of the report.
  •  The faculty guides are authorized to reject the dissertation if it does not meet the expected standard quality or the guidelines.

Detailed Project Guidelines