Poornaprajna Institute of Management, Udupi

Strategies for Advanced and Slow Learners

Strategies for Advanced and Slow Learners

Strategies for Advanced learners

  1. Advanced Learners represent the Students’ Council; Assigned the Responsibility of Class Representatives – one each from boys and girls side
  2. Two of the Advanced Learners from II MBA get a chance to represent the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)
  3. They are Assigned the Responsibilities of Student Co-ordinators of various Clubs/Associations
  4. Made in-charge of Wall Magazines of respective Specialisation Forums
  5. Made to lead the teams representing the Institute in various Inter-collegiate Fests
  6. Selected to Make Paper Presentations in Students’ Conferences/Seminars organised by other Institutes/Colleges
  7. Advanced Learners informally act as Co-guides and mentors of Slow Learners in Academic Matters


Strategies for Slow learners

  1. Slow Learners are made to work along with Advanced Learners in various Group Events, Group Presentations etc.
  2. Extra coaching is provided after the regular classes in case of necessity in specific courses, especially in quantitative courses
  3. Slow Learners are encouraged to contribute articles for Wall Magazines, thereby are made to improve their writing skills
  4. They are assigned responsibilities in conducting various stage programmes: perform the role of Master of Ceremony, welcoming the Chief Guests or gathering, proposing Vote of Thanks etc. which builds Confidence and eliminates Stage Fear
  5. Special care is taken with respect to Academics/Personality Development through Mentoring