Poornaprajna Institute of Management, Udupi

Marketing Forum

Marketing Forum

The bottom line of any organisation is to end up with profits and this can be made possible with effective marketing. A strong marketing department is the pillar for the success of any business enterprise. It provides a competitive edge to a firm when products have little differentiation.

Keeping this in mind the Marketing Forum of Poornaprajna Institute of Management puts its efforts to create young and talented marketers. It aims at conducting a plethora of activities to enhance the knowledge and skill needed in the domain. The activities help in igniting the minds of the students to develop innovative solutions and strategies to enhance the satisfaction of the customers to stay ahead of competitors. The events are so designed to encourage students to participate and learn through experience.

Events organised by the Forum are:-

  1. Members of the forum display information relating to a topic on the noticeboard updating it every week.
  2. Corporate interaction session where experts in the field of marketing interact with the students to enhance their knowledge.
  3. Conducting field visits to have a practical exposure.
  4. Providing an opportunity to the students to participate in events and competitions organised by other B-schools.
  5. Conducting various events to all the students to instigate the marketing skills of the students. This provides an opportunity to use the innovative ideas to handle various real-life situations.

Some of the programs conducted by the club are as follows:

  1. Corporate Talk : Mr.Madan Kumar Kamath, Brand Manager, Oral Care , HUL, South Asia 

  2. PIM Students visit to Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM