Poornaprajna Institute of Management, Udupi

IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

Well equipped computer labs, LCD projectors and OHPs are available in the institution for promoting quality enabled teaching-learning and for conducting seminars, workshops in various fields related to the subjects.


The Institute has separate computer lab with internet browsing facility. The students of the institute can access internet during their free time. The faculties are also using the lab. Individual desktop with internet connection and laptops is also provided to the staff. Resources for conducting online examinations exist in the institute. The institute is optimising as far as the infrastructural upgradation is concerned. The Institute upgrades or replaces the computers with latest configuration on regular basis. All the computers and LCDs are maintained through AMC with the supplier. Computers and LCD are wi-fi enabled. Latest software is installed in all the systems. The following tables shows the number of computes available over the last five years.

Multimedia Podium

Multimedia Podium (Inbuilt PC), Internet, Microphone, Speaker, Mixer, Green Board are all provided in the main classrooms. All other classes are provided with LCD Projector, Slide Presenter, Internet facility, Green Board, if required faculty will be provided with speakers.

Shifting to Cloud:

Since the beginning of starting of this institution during the year 2006-07, the Institute used google tools. First came the transition to Gmail, then G Drive, now the institution has access to complete G Suite. The faculty and students have been oriented and trained to use the tool. Because of the Google Tools, the cloud barriers have been overcome and unlimited access to the digital world is enabled. The institution has permission to use the following services with full access:  

  1. Domain name-based email services provided by Google. All the email addresses of our faculty and students end with our domain name, i.e. pim.ac.in.
  2. Unlike, free email services provided by Gmail, our email space is unlimited, it also helps institution to have the benefit of branding. Due to the policy of the Google we have been able to provide these serves freely to students, in case of non-education institutions; it catches a price of G Suite license @ 1250 rs/user/year.
  3. All the services of Google, such as Unlimited G Drive, Docs, Slides, Google Classroom, Google Sites – 61 services are available to our faculty and students without any limit.
  4. All the students are being given domain name-based email services together with other services, which will be used to circulate all the notices, other services and when they leave the institutions after completion of their course from PIM, converted into alumni group email. Our transformation to G Suite provides an easy, unified suite of email, storage, calendar, file sharing, and collaboration tools. Plus, lifelong Google accounts are given to all alumni and faculty allowing them to stay connected to the institution and community.

Our Website

Poornaprajna Institute of Management has decided to have web-based Content Management System (CMS) based new website where the Institute can manage all the work connected with websites. It also got a vibrant blog, which contains tons of latest information about the institute. It is also linked to our CMS Website. Our Calendar is updated regularly.