Clubs and Associations

Clubs and Associations

POORNASAHAY– The Counseling cell

Poornasahay is the counselling cell coming under the aegis of Poornaprajna Institute of Management. The cell aims to address social, emotional, psychological and other issues of the students and provide the right solution to bring them back to the normal track of life from the stress of day today life.
  • To help students blossom in a dynamic learning environment.
  • To promote developmental interpersonal skills.
  • To build positive relationships with peers, adults and society.
  • To help students recognize their individual strengths and challenges.
  1. The counselling cell is located at the second floor of the building.
  2. The students have to take a prior appointment well in advance over the phone or via email viz.,
  3. Once the appointment is confirmed a response mail is sent to the student and a schedule is fixed for the counselling.
  4. The entire process happens in isolation and proper remedial measures are suggested after careful listening to the student’s case.
  5. In case the challenge is beyond the reach of the counsellor, the student is further directed to a medical psychiatrist who will take further action and provide medication if necessary.
  6. In all the above cases a follow-up session is scheduled after a week of preliminary counselling to note the changes that have taken place or to note any further developments in the student’s behavior or attitude.
  7.  A counselling diary is maintained electronically as well as manually which is embedded in the code language.
  8. The Electronic diary is password protected and is only disclosed to the higher authorities/ Management in extreme cases.
  9. The counselling cell also understands the responsibility of updating the parents if any acute psychological disorder is observed during counselling for the mutual benefit of the Institution as well as that of student’s family.
  10. The POORNASAHAY cell also helps the students who are directed by other faculty and are recommended by the mentors coming under MAARGDARSHAK program.

AAAROHAN– The Fests & Event Club

Aarohan is the Fests and Event Club of Poornaprajna Institute of Management which prepares students for various inter college and University level fests and competition.  As the name suggests the clubs aims to prepare the students and raise them to the next level, thus bringing glory to the students and the Institution. The cell builds various skills both general and domain-specific thus shaping the overall personality of the student.
  • To develop the intellectual and professional skills of the students.
  • To prepare the students for inter college and University level fests and competition.
  • To enhance the confidence and help the students to face any challenges.
  • To build and shape the overall personality of the student.
  1. The Aarohan club collects all details of the students and maintains a database of various talents present in the students after consulting respective faculties and Director.
  2. Whenever notification regarding any event/competition arises, the invite is announced in the classroom and displayed on the Notice board.
  3. The students who are best suited for the events are directed to take part. If there are multiple entries, a basic screening is done by the Faculty in-charge along with the senior Faculty.
  4. The students who take part in the event/competition are provided with all the required information resources to give their best.
  5. Moreover, the students are given regular training in the SOFT SKILLS Classes and Specialization classes w.r.t. taking part in various competitions and events.

The AAROHAN club works very closely with other clubs and committees of the college viz., Fin-Bodhi – The Finance Club, ETICA – The HR Club, MARKETING Club, POORNAKASH- The Placement Cell and so on to prepare students in all the areas and make them All rounders.


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