Poornaprajna Institute of Management, Udupi

Anti - Ragging Cell

Anti - Ragging Cell

Anti-Ragging Cell

Honorable Supreme Court of India has given the meaning of Ragging as under:

“Ragging is any disorderly conduct whether by words spoken or written or by an act which has the effect of teasing , treating or handling with rudeness to any student , indulging in rowdy or undisciplined activities which cause or likely to cause annoyance, hardship or psychological harm or to raise fear or apprehension thereof in a fresher or a junior student and which has the effect of causing or generating a sense of shame or embarrassment so as to adversely affect the psyche of a fresher or a junior student.”

What constitutes Ragging:

As per the order of Supreme Court of India and subsequent Notification from University Grants Commission (UGC), ragging constitutes one or more of any intention by any student or group of students on:

  1. Any act of Indiscipline, Teasing or Handling with Rudeness.
  2. Any act that Prevents, Disrupts the Regular Academic Activity.
  3. Any activity which is likely to cause Annoyance, hardship, Psychological Harm or creates Fear or Apprehension.
  4. Any Act of Financial Extortion or Forceful Expenditure.
  5. Any Act of Physical Abuse causing Assault, Harm or danger to Health.
  6. Any Act of abuse by spoken words, emails, SMS or public insult etc.
  7. Any Act of injury or infringement of the fundamental right to the human dignity.
  8. Any Act of Wrongful Confinement, Kidnapping, molesting or committing unnatural offences, use of criminal forces, trespass or intimidation.
  9. Any unlawful assembly or conspiracy to ragging

Objectives of Anti-Ragging Committee of Poornaprajna Institute of Management

  • Creation of cordial and fearless atmosphere in the campus facilitating the all-round development of the students
  • Establishment and execution of effective anti -ragging mechanism to prevent any kind of physical or mental harassment to students

Functions of Anti-Ragging Committee of PIM:

  1. To uphold and comply with the directions of the Hon'ble Supreme Court and be vigilant on nay acts amounting to ragging;
  2. To keep the students informed of the prevalent directives and punitive actions that will be taken against those involved in ragging.
  3. Displaying the charts, posters etc. Stating the evil nature, consequences and punishment for ragging.
  4. Conduct value based cultural and other programmes involving both seniors and freshers.
  5. Oversee the procedure of obtaining undertaking from the students in accordance with the directives.
  6. Conduct workshops/quizzes/debates/discussions/human chains to create awareness about the menace of ragging
  7. To take all measures to prevent harassment inside the campus/hostels

Punishment for Ragging:

  • Suspension from attending classes and academic privileges.
  • Debarring from appearing in any test/ examination or other evaluation process.
  • Suspension/expulsion from hostel
  • Cancellation of admission

The procedure for handling issues of ragging will be as follows:

  1. The information on ragging can be received in the following manner:
  • Through the notified contact details of the Committee members, and national help-line number on ragging for necessary relief in terms of the provisions of the UGC Regulations.
  • Through any other member of the Institute.
  • From any external source.
  1. In the event of receipt of information of ragging by any of the officers mentioned at (i) above, he/she will promptly alert/inform the Chairman of the Anti-Ragging Committee of the Institute or any of its members. The activity shall be completed, at the most, within two hours of receipt of this information.
  2. The Anti-Ragging Committee of the Institute shall promptly conduct a preliminary on the spot enquiry and collect details of the incident as available prima facie. The preliminary investigation/details of the incident shall be immediately brought to the notice of the Chairman of the Institute. The activity shall be completed, at the most, within twenty hours of receipt of information.
  3. The Anti-Ragging Committee of the Institute shall promptly conduct enquiry into the incident as per provisions laid down in Clause 6.3(e) of the UGC Regulations.
  4. The Anti-Ragging Committee of the Institute shall complete the enquiry and submit its report along with recommendations to the Chairman of the Anti-Ragging Committee of the Institute within fifteen days of the incident.
  5. Thereafter, the said report and recommendations shall be considered by the Anti- Ragging Committee for deciding the punishment on the erring students in terms of provisions contained at Clause 9.1 of the UGC Regulation


Anti -Ragging Committee for the year 2018-19

Designation in Committee



Phone number



Dr.Bharath V

Director of the Institute





Dr.Bharathi Karanth



Matron, Girls’ Hostel




All the teaching staff will be the members of this committee.


The Anti Ragging Committee has an Anti-Ragging Squad which functions under the supervision of the Anti -Ragging committee and engages in the works of checking places like classrooms, restrooms, hostels, canteens and other places of student congregation and educates the students about the menace of ragging. 


                             Anti-Ragging Squad for the year 2018-19




Phone Number

Mrs.Sujatha GL

Asst Professor



Mr. Santhosh N Prabhu

Asst Professor



Mr. Sudheendra S Bhat

2nd MBA Class -Boys’ Representative



Ms.Kruthika Bangera

2nd MBA Class -Girls ‘Representative



Mr.M.Rajath Krishna Kini

1st MBA Class Representative




1st MBA Class-Girls Representative



Activities of Anti Ragging Cell:


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